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Sheet Dreams

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"Workwise, I’ve had a variety of roles during my life. My ongoing passion for words, pictures and media in all its forms aside, I truly loved the time I spent training and working as a selector for a company called Woolworths Holdings Limited (known in New Zealand for Country Road, Witchery, and Trenery).

Here, I was fortunate enough to learn everything I know about textiles, including ethical trade, sustainable farming and sourcing of raw material, water stewardship, and waste reduction. I came to appreciate how different fabrics are made, and fell in love with anything of natural origin, especially merino, cashmere, silk, linen, and cotton.

So it was with great joy that I greeted an invitation from Lisa of House of March to try a night or two sleeping between their beautiful white cotton sheets, especially as I was fascinated by the fact that their bedding is 100% organic and that no additional chemical nasties are used to add crispness or sheen or anything else along those lines. Plus, the raw material used in the manufacture of their sheets is both ethically farmed and traceable. 

Sounds wholesome, doesn’t it? And this bed linen is. But it is also beautifully soft and silky to the touch, and wonderful to look at, too. Sophisticated simplicity are the words that came to mind. Check out to see what I mean. Oh – and they give the best night’s sleep ever."


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