Care Instructions


Machine wash using a mild detergent on a cool setting.

Wash items of a similar colour and fabric together. E.g. wash whites together and colours together.

Tumble dry on low-medium setting. Make sure to shake your bedding before placing in a tumble dryer. This will help to reduce wrinkles.

If you are after a crisper look then use a warm iron or fabric steamer.

We recommend that you replace your bedding at least every 2 years (or 1 year for pillowcases).

We suggest that you have more than 1 set and rotate between them on a weekly basis to avoid excessive wear and tear.

To ensure your colours last longer, make sure to dry your bedding away from direct sunlight.


Tumble dry on a hot setting. This may cause the colours to fade.

Wash your bedding with clothes or anything that has zippers, hooks etc. This can cause abrasion.

Use fabric softeners or harsh detergents.

Avoid bleaches or peroxides or anything that may alter the colour of your bedding.

Do not dryclean.