House of March in Fashion Quarterly

House of March in Fashion Quarterly

Just as we switch up our wardrobes for balmy blue days and warm summer nights, so too should our bedding get the same attention if we want to stay cool for a good night’s sleep. And who better to consult on doing just that than the founder of

House of March, New Zealand’s first Fairtrade-certified bedding supplier, Lisa Knowler. 

Specialising in luxurious sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases – all ethically made from 100 per cent organic cotton, with no chemicals or toxins throughout the process  Knowler created the company as a better option for people and planet, and each product is traceable from seed to when it’s sewn.

House of March’s percale cotton is cool and crisp, designed to become softer with every wash, and the brand recently launched beautiful new colourways for Spring/Summer including sage, navy blue and pounamu green.

Here, Knowler shares the must-dos for prepping your bed for summer, keeping your sheets fresh, and some trending tones to incorporate into your beauty sleep.

Rethink your layers

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to have fewer layers on your bed in summer – you just need to be discerning about what kind of fabrics and finishes you’re choosing. Opt for breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, and go for stay-cool sheets like percale cotton weaves. Swapping in a lightweight duvet inner will also mean you can snuggle into your layered look and feel, with less chance of your blankets ending up on the floor during the night.Choose natural fabrics

While bedding made from natural fabrics – such as cotton and linen – is superior year-round, this is especially noticeable in summer when you want to stay cool as you snooze. “Try not to choose anything man-made as they will likely not breathe and you may end up hot and sweaty,” says Knowler. Percale is known to be a great choice for warm nights and hot sleepers, as it’s a type of cotton weave that produces a matte finish. House of March’s classic white percale flat sheet is smooth and structured, like “your favourite white shirt” – and is designed to stay crisp and cool. “Our Signature weave is also smooth and beautifully light, so would be perfect for summer evenings,” says Knowler.

Lighten up your colour scheme

“From a practical point of view, dark colours will absorb more heat, while lighter colours like white, cream, light blue and light green will naturally repel heat,” says Knowler. With consumers being more considered with their purchases this year, practical and versatile neutrals are timeless investments. “You can always build the rest of your bedroom around these colours,” says Knowler. For fashion lovers who do want to echo the runways? “Lime green has been a big hit this year in fashion, so you may like to add a beautiful sage or a light blue to your bedding,” says Knowler. Leave darker tones for winter, so you can enjoy another bedroom refresh for the colder season.

Embrace a breath of fresh air

When it comes to keeping your bedding looking and feeling fresh, washing it regularly has more benefits than just cleanliness. “If you have a good quality natural fabric like cotton, regular washes will ensure that the fabric softens up,” says Knowler. Make the most of warmer days by inviting the outside in, and throwing open your windows for fresh air to circulate throughout your room. It’s a great opportunity to shake out your duvet inners and pillows and hang them in the sun for a wash-free bedding revival. For an ultra-crisp look when you re-tuck your sheets, Knowler swears by steam. “If you don’t like wrinkles, a steamer on your bed will take them out in a flash.”

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