House of March - Your Home and Garden

House of March - Your Home and Garden

Renowned for its luxuriously soft and sustainable bedding, a stay at the Savoy Hotel in London sparked Lisa Knowler’s love affair with bed linen.

A few years later, as Lisa struggled to become pregnant, she became increasingly aware of the products she was using. She discovered she was sleeping in sheets soaked in harmful chemicals, and inspired by her experience at the Savoy Hotel, decided to create non-toxic premium bedding.

As a result, House of March was born, its aesthetic best described as timeless luxury inspired by the design houses of Europe. Read on to learn more about Lisa and the story behind House of March.

Tell us about your professional background. Have you always worked in fashion?

I formally studied fashion design in New Zealand, and then to a higher level in London. I’ve worked in fashion styling, make-up artistry and on film sets. As well as this, I went into the corporate world, which allowed me to have the best of both worlds. Many creative industry jobs are essentially self-employed jobs, so I was lucky to have a steady job that allowed me to indulge my creative side. Interiors have always been a passion of mine, and bed linens marries my love of interiors with my formal fashion training nicely.

How would you describe the House of March aesthetic?

I lived in the United Kingdom for a long time and I love the European design aesthetic. Generally, it is pared back in terms of colourways but it often has beautiful detailing such as bindings or trims.

What was the process like to create bedding to such a high ethical and sustainable standard?

It was difficult and expensive to be the first to do it. There was no one I could look to as we are the first Fairtrade-certified bed linen company in New Zealand. I always knew I wanted to create an organic product, but when I started researching cotton growing areas, I was shocked to learn that most of the world’s cotton, including European cotton, is picked by forced child labour. I knew I had to find a different way to create beautiful bed linens with an entirely ethical supply chain. It was a lot of hard work to find my global partners, all Fairtrade and organic certified. I am really proud of what House of March has achieved.

Tell us more about the House of March product range and the types of cotton offered.

We offer two kinds of GOTS certified and Fairtrade certified cotton. One is our Signature Range cotton — a beautiful silky and smooth weave. It’s my favourite and what I would say sets us apart. It just feels so beautiful.  We also produce a percale cotton weave, which is hugely popular — crisp and cool, like your favourite shirt.

How do you pick the colour palettes for House of March bedding?

We pick colours that are classic and enlist the help of colour experts in the design field to assist in this process. I would describe our colours as ‘colourful neutrals’. They work well with most bedroom colour schemes and pair well with each other.

What is House of March’s most popular product?

Our most popular design has been our banded bedding. It has really resonated with our customers and is our signature look.

Where do you shop for homewares, beauty and fashion? How would you describe your personal style?

I absolutely love BoConcept for interiors and MECCA for beauty products. For fashion, I love hitting Ponsonby Road. I have always been an avid Net-a-Porter shopper, so I am frequently on their site checking out the latest designer trends.

As I have a young son, I am often running around. There is a lot of bending and picking things up with a small child, so a maxi dress paired with Veja sneakers works well for my vibe and lifestyle.

Is there anything else our readers should know about House of March?

I believe that sleep is one of the most important things in life and one of the most important self-care things we can do for ourselves. I have created a range that gives Kiwis a beautiful sleep experience and it is fully ethical and sustainable. If you shop with House of March, you are getting the very best.

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